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August 9, 2022

You Already Are Who You Need To Be

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Ready for me to share one of the most important things for you to understand about yourself? You already are who you need to be. You already have everything you’ll ever need inside of you to create and achieve everything you’ve ever wanted. Now you might be asking yourself “If I already am who I need to be, then why am I not where I want to be?” Great question - let’s dive into answering it.

As a living, breathing human being, you are already connected to infinite power. Call it source, the universe, or God, your existence is a representation of the miracles you are capable of. Your nature comes from absolute abundance, and you are simply an extension of the divine. This means that you already possess all of the qualities, traits, and abilities you’ll ever need. You are a creator who is literally designing the future based on the thoughts and ideas you have. Tell me that’s not powerful… This is how you already are who you need to be, because you have this power.

The problem is, it’s pretty obvious we don’t live with full abundance. We have financial hardship, and our ego and biases get in the way from us living the way we want sometimes. Our lives are not perfect. Even though we’re capable of so, so much, it’s often not reflected in our lives. That’s the truth and the human experience. However this isn’t a result of not being capable, it’s more a product of circumstance. 

Our connection to source or God or the universe is undeniable, but the challenge is how clear that connection is. You’ve probably heard the expression “I’m just getting in my own way.” That is literally you creating resistance and friction to having a pure connection to source. The natural flow of how things are meant to go is being inhibited and restricted by circumstance. So if that’s the case, our mission is not to strengthen our connection, that’s innate within us. Instead it’s to remove the obstacles that prevent us from having a clearer connection.

So how do you clear that signal and live a more abundant life? You become more aware of the obstacles and bottlenecks. You need to remove the things that are getting in the way. Those things are inherently human - The needs of the ego, our limited perception of reality, and the ways we’re trying to create certain results rather than have faith that the right things will happen in the right ways.

This is complex but I want to help you get started in a small way - How do you feel like you’re getting in your own way?

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