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March 18, 2020

When Things Get Easy, Go Get Better

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A lot of what I talk about here on the podcast is getting started and taking action. It comes more from the lens of turning zero to one. It’s the phase of bringing awareness to an issue or desire, and beginning to design and test ways to make it better. Getting started is huge and a really important part of the equation, nothing can happen without a beginning, and if that’s where you’re at in your process then keep at it! 

But, I want to go a step further and talk about taking 1 to 100. If we commit and are intentional about doing the work, what can it ultimately turn into? That’s a question we all need to ask ourselves, are we playing in the minor leagues or are we daring to be an all-star?

The most reliable way to evaluate this is to reflect on how challenged you feel. If you’re in a good and steady flow, and things are comfortable, that’s amazing! But, know what that also means. It means that you’re not being stretched, you’re not trying new things to optimize, and as a result, it means you’re not growing.

And that’s my ask of you: When things get easy, go get better.

There is always one level higher. There’s always something a little more ambitious. And if you’re pursuing true progress, then you need to make a change and challenge yourself when things get comfortable.

Keep in mind, this only applies in areas you’re actively looking to improve in. When you gain awareness about your wants and needs, you’ll realize that not everything in life is a race to the top. In fact, I’d say most things aren’t. But, in those areas you’ve identified as pillars to your growth and the person you want to become, the legacy you want to leave behind, you cannot be complacent and you must always push for more.

You’ve gotta be honest with yourself, and maybe it’s a tough internal dialogue to have, but it’s worth it. When things get easy, go get better.

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