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November 27, 2020

What You Appreciate Appreciates

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The first time I heard this expression it really stood out to me. What you appreciate, appreciates. There’s two different definitions for appreciate that are important to breakdown before going further. The first definition is the traditional one - To appreciate is to be thankful or grateful for the presence of something in your life. The second definition is more unique - To appreciate is to rise in value or price. So, to bunch those two definitions together - What you are thankful for rises in value.

I think it’s no coincidence that this word has these two meanings because it is a law of the universe, and I can’t emphasize enough, what you choose to be grateful for becomes more evident and prevalent in your life.

With the acknowledgment of gratitude you assign that thing to be more valuable in your life. If that thing becomes a priority and engrains deeply in your belief system, you’ll start engaging in behaviors consistent with that belief. If you start appreciating your family more, you’ll find that you’re starting to act in ways that better represents the relationship you want to have with your family. If you’re grateful for the amount of money you have, you’ll start being more conscious of matters that relate to your financial health and exercise more positive financial habits.

What you appreciate appreciates, and it starts with your choice to assign your energy and attention to what you want to matter in your life, through gratitude.

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