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December 14, 2022

What Irritates You?

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I apologize if I push your buttons today but I’m doing it out of love and I promise it’ll be worth it. I want to know, what irritates you?

What are those things that frustrate you and hijack your focus and mood? These things that make your heart race and create anxiety for you are actually a great source for personal learning.

Maybe what irritates you is something that you’re afraid to admit is true about yourself. Almost like being a hypocrite - You complain when people are running late but you very often run late yourself, or someone makes an unhealthy choice and you judge them but you don’t have the best diet yourself. 

The comparison that can come out of this can sometimes be a projection of your own insecurities and how you fear you are viewed by others. So psychologically it helps you feel more at peace to find evidence where other people are violating something you’re afraid might be true about yourself (and unwilling to admit it).

Also, tapping into your irritations might help you affirm your standards. If someone else’s choices or behavior irritates you it might be because that thing is just so important to you, and it pains you to think about the consequences of compromising it. So instead of irritation being an avoidance mechanism, it can actually be a feedback signal telling you where your alignment and integrity lands on the subject.

In both cases, your irritation has everything to do with you and nothing to do with them. It’s your perception of their behavior that irritates you, not the behavior itself. The irritation is you reacting to things and not the thing itself.

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