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June 3, 2022

What Are You Working On?

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This is something you might be missing that I really need you to hear, so if you’re skimming through this I'd encourage you to read it more carefullly today.

You’re interested in self-development because you’re looking for something. Maybe you’re in a life transition and hoping to establish a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Maybe you’re an ambitious leader who is looking for an edge to achieve more in life. Or maybe you’re someone who is battling something within themselves, like low self-confidence or sense of purpose in life, and you want to improve upon it.

No matter the reason what is most important is that you get what you need. In order to not waste your time, it’s important that you are putting yourself in a position to get results from the time you’re investing in your self-growth.

With all that in mind, this is what you really need to understand - If you want something to change in your life you need to play an active role in changing it.

This means that reading this article is not enough. Learning about what you could do differently is not enough. If you do not have something in mind that you’re specifically looking to improve then the information will just wash over you. Yes, it’s good to acquire new bits of information here and there, but information will only give you a tiny fraction of what you’re really looking for.

It really all boils down to this question - What are you working on? Do you want to be healthier? Do you want to compare yourself to others less? Do you want to strengthen the love and intimacy in your relationship? What are you working on?

If you don’t have an answer, then I can help you find it!

I’m beginning to organize a 3 day Self-Growth Sprint so that you can pinpoint exactly what you should be working on and more importantly, what you can do about it to begin creating the life, influence, and fulfillment you dream about. If you're interested to be considered for this private 3 day experience, then you can join the waitlist here: https://grow.selfimprovementdailytips.com/self-growth-sprint-feedback.

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