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June 30, 2018

Wear Something Red

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Have you gotten dressed and ready for the day yet? If not, then hear out this little tidbit. And if you have, keep this in mind for tomorrow.

Go ahead and put on something red. It sounds a little ridiculous, but there’s truth to it. Studies show that people rate themselves as more attractive, powerful, and prestigious when wearing red. In turn, you feel more confident throughout the day.  

Living with confidence has a weird way of attracting people to you. You become a more appealing conversational partner, you are sought after more often to provide input, and you are someone that people generally want to spend more time around. You are viewed as a leader, and with this attention you may discover new opportunities and interests that used to be out of your scope. Feeling confident affects your physiology, altering your hormone levels to help you take on challenges head first.  

However, don’t go buying 10 new red shirts, because this isn’t meant to work every day. Over time, our physiology becomes less sensitive to the stimulus of wearing red and we no longer feel the same extent of confidence.  

Now, that you’re in on the secret, use the power! Give it a try sometime this week and note how you feel. Then, save it for a special occasion, like a big meeting or a first date, and let the confidence exude!

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