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December 18, 2018

Turn "Go" Into "Let's Go"

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Let’s talk about leadership. As a leader you are required to make big decisions, keep the peace, and get everyone pointed in the same direction. A tactic many great leaders use is to lead by example, to be the one with their elbows in the dirt, delivering the energy, and executing on a day to day basis.  

I heard a really cool thought recently from Alex Pirouz, the CEO of LinkedInfluencer. He made the comment that true leaders don’t say “go”, they say “let’s go”.  I think this embodies how we can truly lead by example.

To enumerate, if we expand out the abbreviation" let’s" into it’s two components," let us", we can realize the power in the expression. By putting the command in the “We” form, it takes a more inclusive meaning that integrates the speaker into the action. This is called “we speak”, and it’s a very effective communication form for leaders. By making the choice to place themselves in the brunt of the action, they assert themselves as an equal in the group, rather than an authority figure, and is more likely to garner more support as a result.

So, the next time you are managing someone, choose to lead by example and say “let’s go”. Then, to stay consistent with that message, execute on that level, and you will earn a ton of respect from your team.

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