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December 9, 2019

The WHAC Method with Brant Pinvidic

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The concept today is the fundamental piece to Brant Pinvidic’s book, The 3 Minute Rule. It is his WHAC method, which when used right, helps you communicate the value you offer in a way that is optimized for it to be received. What is the WHAC method?

Brant Pinvidic stated, "There's four questions to build your presentation, or the first three minutes of your pitch. And it is, what is it? How does it work? Are you sure? And, can you do it? It's in that order. What is it, is literally what is it. Something that states what it is your offering, what can you provide, what it is your offering, and what is it you want to do. Right? And then, how does it work. Break it down into simple things. How does it work? How do you operate? How do you do that? I understand what it is now, how does it work? When you go to the are you sure, that is now where you can bring in those facts, figures, logic, and reason to explain and validate the what it is and how it works, and that this is actually real. Are you sure this actually works that way? And from there, you go to how you do it. Cause I'm sold! I'm 95 percent of the way there. Now, I want to know how I can get it. And, for most people, that's a problem that's solvable".

W stands for What is it? H is How does it work? A is are you sure? And C is Can you do it. The order is important because it sets the stage for the pitch, and leverages approach motivation to extend our natural decision making cycles.

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