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March 30, 2020

"The universe has this amazing way of giving back to those who serve first."

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I have something really near and dear to my heart that comes from the core of who I am and what I’m trying to create. It was expressed perfectly in a line in the book, Superfans, by author, Pat Flynn. The quote that changed my life is, ”The universe has this amazing way of giving back to those who serve first.”

How interesting is that? Those who give, are more likely to receive. And not only give, but serve. To volunteer and provide for without expecting anything in return. It’s taking action for the sake of coming from a place knowing that you can add value, and that an investment in human kind and your community is the right thing to do.

However, as this quote articulates, what happens is that investment and value offered and service returns to you in unexpected and multiplied ways. By raising the tide for someone else, you end up raising the tide for yourself. What this quote also addresses is this happens as a response, giving back to those who serve first. There’s an order to it.

By coming from a position of service, you share an authenticity that encourages others to reciprocate and support you! This is the universe, the powers that be, and the natural laws that we are susceptible to. 

This also tags along with another idea I am really passionate about. This concept of how humility involves a willingness to give and receive. My TedX talk is about the receiving side of it, surrendering to the universe and the path it has laid out for you. This quote is the giving side and adding to the ecosystem. What this does is it facilitates the flow of value for everything that involves you, amplifying your capabilities through shared resources and energy.

The thesis is give first, and give often. “The universe has this amazing way of giving back to those who serve first.”

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