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December 24, 2019

The Spirit of Christmas

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Christmas a season for giving. Given that Christmas occurs at the end of the year, gifts almost serves as a yearly thank you for that relationship, and an acknowledgment that they have impacted your life. It’s a beautiful thing that people collectively choose to think about others, spreading love and warmth.

Then, there’s the Christmas cheer and buzz! It seems like every year Christmas, lights and decorations go up earlier than the year prior. Some people say it’s annoying, but this undoubtedly injects an energy that piggybacks off the prior point of energy of gratitude, appreciation, and reflection. The more people that buy in, the further the energy propagates, and larger the effect.

Then finally and more subtly, Christmas is a season of community. The secret Santa, the white elephants, and the holiday parties all create moments that bring people together. People of old, people of new, and people you haven’t met before. It’s a time that builds bridges between friend groups and communities, creating a friendly and cheerful environment to do so. 

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