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November 24, 2019

Thankful For Health (#2468)

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Today, I am grateful for my health and my body. I woke up and I was able to see with fully functioning vision. I could get out of bed under my own power and hold my own weight as I stood.  I could use my voice to communicate with others, and I could feed myself a nutritious breakfast. Each one of the actions I listed, is a gift. There are people in this world who cannot perform certain daily activities, and would give anything to have your physical capabilities. We often lose sight of these things because they are givens in our life, but I want to be sure it’s not taken for granted because it really is a gift that we can rely on our bodies without thought.

The same thing goes for our brains, and mind. Our cognitive abilities, like our ability to speak, our ability to hold memories, and our ability to rationalize and problem solve, are in play in our lives on a daily basis. However, that doesn’t go for everyone. Let’s appreciate our quality of life, and our body’s strength, because there are those who don’t have the same luxury.

What do I appreciate? My health, and my body’s ability to perform, because life would be so different without it.

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