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January 21, 2019

Stand Up For What You Believe In

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In the United States, we are celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, who is one of the most influential leaders in the history of the country. His dedication to the civil rights movement changed the face of the world for the better, and his legacy lives on with every breath of every American. Thank you Dr. King.

He was an effective leader because he possessed a dangerous combination, which was a mission that he wholeheartedly believed in, and a clear vision for how he wanted to bring about that change. Dr. King is the epitome of a person who had a voice, built a platform, and stood up for what they believe in.

Not only can we take many great lessons from Dr. King’s work about leadership, public speaking, and idea execution, but we can extract King's mentality as well. I encourage all of us to stand up for what we believe in.

With a strong sense of self, and a confidence in your voice, you too can impact this world like Martin Luther King. Yea, everything is relative to scale, but we all have a lot of influence in our micro-communities that we live in, and a better regional environment will leak into neighboring environments, and continue to cascade farther than you would believe!

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