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September 23, 2018

Spread Kindness (Inspired by Drake)

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Spread kindness. 

I have been surrounded by so much kindness from so many people lately hat I want to make sure I am giving it back. I believe the first step to spreading kindness is to be kind. Kindness is contagious and rubs off on everyone who is a part of it. Not only does the recipient of the kindness feel better with the support, but you feel better as the giver knowing that you made a difference for someone else.

Now, to plug in a pop culture reference that embodies this thought, Drake is a very popular musician who came out with a song called, “God’s Plan” that was wildly successful. However, arguably the most successful part of the song was its message. When planning out what to do for the music video, Drake took the almost $1 million budget and handed it out to people in need, and basically recorded that process and turned into his music video. Random acts of kindness go a long way, especially when it comes from a public figure like that. This inspired Drake to start the “Kindness Challenge” where you take it upon yourself to make someone else’s day better for no reason other than to help out. 

This is a challenge I am taking to heart, and I encourage you to try it with me, at least for a day. 

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