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February 3, 2020

Small Positive Acts Matter

Listen Now:

I had just sat down, waiting to board a flight at the airport when the gate next to me started boarding. This means there’s a big announcement, people lining up, time to go, right? Since I wasn’t focused in my work I took a moment to observe, and it was something really special.

The gate attendant, as she was announcing boarding groups, added her own style to it. “A as in awesome, group A boarding. Now up, Group B, B as in Beautiful. C as in charming Group C welcome aboard. D for delightful, come on in".

She didn’t have to do that, in no way is that a requirement of her job, but she did a small positive act just because. And if this doesn’t sound motivational let me explain. Everyone in the A group, on a subconscious level, identified with “Oh, I’m awesome”. As short lived as that mental processing was, it left an impression that creates micro ripples in the rest of their psyche. Same goes for feeling beautiful, charming, delightful. Doesn’t that sound motivational? And all because one person chose to act in a small, positive way.

Now, if you don’t believe me and the psychology behind what I just explained, you can’t deny the effect it had on me. I was moved, inspired by her choice, so here I am sharing it with you. Then you might share it with someone else, and this seemingly pointless act has propagated to reach many.

In your life, the small things matter. The smile at a checkout stand. The good morning in passing. The extra dish in the sink. Our actions have ripples larger than we can imagine, and to be a part of a greater world we can help those ripples begin.

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