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August 30, 2022

Set Fun Goals Too

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You’ve probably found goal setting has been an effective way to get more serious about something. As we know, things don’t happen on their own and we need to play an active role in creating it. But when we think of goal setting it’s usually through the lens of achievements and accomplishment. Goals like wanting to workout a certain number of times, wanting to hit a milestone at work, or wanting to start something new. But this same concept can be used on things that are fun to do too!

Have you ever set a goal about how much time you want to spend with friends, or how often you want to do your favorite activity? Goals are simply an expression of your intentions and it provides a more narrow focus on what specifically you’re working toward. And just like normal achievement-based goals, you should be setting fun goals too. And that’s for two key reasons.

First is it makes you feel more productive. Remember, productivity isn’t only about how much you get done in a day… It’s simply about doing the things you want to do. This certainly applies to the fun things you want to do as well, and when you set a goal to do the things you enjoy doing, it makes you feel like you’re making a good use of your time. It makes you feel less guilty and more empowered because you’re living with intentionality. A productive life is a fulfilling life.

The second thing setting fun-goals does is it holds you accountable to actually doing fun things. Just like any goal, if you fall short of succeeding you need to answer to why you didn’t get it done. Why it wasn’t prioritized, why it was neglected. And in that evaluation, you naturally devise ways to correct the error and do fun things more often. This will help you incorporate more joy and fun into your life, which will lift your mood, nourish your spirit, and inspire you to find more delight in your life.

So to incorporate this in your life right now, answer this question for yourself - What thing do you really enjoy doing, that you want to do more of, that you aren’t prioritizing right now? You deserve to serve yourself, and truly enjoy this thing we call life.

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