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June 12, 2020

Self Development Books?

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Lets talk about self-development books. Some people love them and feel like their life is changed by them, and they admire the authors and take a special interest in their work. However, some people think it’s a bunch of placebo and new books are just reiterations of the same ideas and information that are presented too broadly to be catered to you.

Whatever you believe I respect, but I find myself to be the former. I’m a believer that if you want to sit in the throne you’ve gotta watch the king. And that’s what these books are for me, they are a synthesized download of the information brilliant minds have processed and tested into an easy to understand format. Sure the information might be redundant, but the perspective is always novel. What I appreciate most about self-development books is how people come to the same conclusion in different ways, which gives me hope that I can arrive their in my own way.

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