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May 8, 2024

Say Nothing, Do Nothing, Be Nothing

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In today’s world it’s nearly impossible not to offend someone. People have their own views on things and unfortunately we’ve gotten progressively worse at learning to listen to each other, not better. 

As social creatures who desire to be liked by others, more than ever we face the choice to speak up and risk creating confrontation and disagreement… Or not.

A famous quote by Aristotle that relates to this is “To avoid criticism - Say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing.”

The quote is meant to be sarcastic.

Of course Aristotle’s recommendation isn’t to shy away into a meaningless existence - The intention is to highlight how inevitable criticism is when you take a stand for anything.

Rather than say nothing, speak up because no matter what you say it will create conflict. So you might as well speak what’s true to you.

Rather than do nothing, pursue whatever is most meaningful to you. If people disagree it’s their problem, and if you fail then at least you had the courage to try.

Rather than be nothing - Contribute. Let your presence be known in the way that you impact people. 

While ‘Saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing’ does divert attention and make it less likely that you’ll receive criticism, it also guarantees that you won’t be living your fullest life. 

As humans we are all designed to be creators. The language of our spirit is self-expression. And if you deny yourself of that, you’ll find yourself living a comfortable but passionless life.

We’ve got big plans and moves to make! That’s unacceptable. 

So say what’s on your heart that is honest, fair and appropriate. Do the things that light your soul on fire, or at least don’t shy away from trying. And commit to being someone who is extraordinary because that’s what the world needs right now.

You have greatness inside of you! Don’t let the opinion of a few keep you from sharing everything you have to offer with the rest.

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