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September 17, 2018

Sales with Mark Cuban

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This message is an old and fundamental skill. If you can do this, you will always have a job, and you will always be an asset. The skill is sales, and in this message Mark Cuban gives his take on the subject.

"people always ask me, "What do I need to know to be successful?". If you can't sell, you know you're SOL. Because you're always selling. When I say that you have to understand what sales means. Selling is not about convincing somebody to give you money for something they don't want. Right?. Selling is about knowing in your heart, your mind , and your soul that the product of service you have can help anybody in your potential customer service universe. And so, whether I was selling baseball cards, whether I was selling stamps, this was the best thing you could ever possibly have for your life. And the same thing applies to all my businesses now. I'm always selling because I believe in my products and believe they can help. And if I have something that I do not believe will help you then it's not a good product".

There you have it.  People can smell BS from a mile away so make sure you believe that what you are selling is valuable.  We all sell something in everything we do, and it is never too late to start developing that skill

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