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July 2, 2024

Results As Realities

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In our efforts to change our life and change the world, we want to invest in things that give us good results. We want to actually improve the quality of our health and relationships. We want to finally conquer that one thing that has been holding us back.

But without the glamorized association we have with the idea of results, that reflects the ideal situation we’re pursuing, let’s talk about what results objectively are.

Results are just realities.

If we’re looking to generate a certain result it means that we’re hoping to shape our reality a certain way. What we’re doing right now is giving us certain results, which is reflected in the reality we’re experiencing.

And without the emotional charge usually connected to our results, we can see how it’s perfectly embedded in our reality. Our weight, strength, physical shape and fitness is just the reality of our personal health. The amount of money we make is just our present reality, which dictates the lifestyle we can afford to live.

If you’re happy with different elements of your current reality that means you’re achieving favorable results, and if you’re unhappy with different components of your current reality then you’re creating negative results.

As we know, if we want new results, we need to take new actions. It’s by taking new actions that we get new results.

What taking action functionally does is it disrupts the current pattern and causes our reality to change. Taking action to eat healthier and workout more will likely change the reality of your current weight and health. Working more hours and on higher quality things will grow your business, or position you for a raise, changing the reality of the amount of money flowing into your bank account.

Some actions are intentional to shift reality in a certain way, some actions are completely unconscious and undoing your work by pulling your reality back to how it used to be, and some actions are taken by other people that then cause shifts in your reality.

But ultimately when we’re trying to improve elements about our lives - to improve our health, daily productivity, mindset, the quality of our relationships, compensation, impact, whatever it is - What we really want is to be experience a new reality that we perceive as better and more fulfilling than the current one.

And while a 'changing of reality' is always happening on its own, it’s best to not leave it up to chance. We can control the direction of our results and reality shifts. And that’s where taking intentional high-leverage action comes in.

If you’re looking at your current reality in your health habits, the amount you get done in a day, or the life balance you have, you’re just a few new actions away from getting new results and experiencing more enjoyable realities.

And that’s what the 9 Super Habits are all about - helping you build the foundation of health, productivity, and mindset that sets you up to succeed in everything else.

Click here to learn what they are and get them working for you in changing your life!

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