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September 1, 2022

"Protect your energy."

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I see it but if you don’t see it yet, I want you to know how much of a gift you are. Your presence and love ripples into everything you do, and it truly makes a difference for others. Your intentions are pure, your care for others is clear, and you are a good person. What you have to offer is truly one of a kind and it’s important that you maintain everything incredible that you are. You need to protect your energy.

Everything in life is energy. A table is energy packed into a solid form. Thoughts are vibrations and waves of energy. All of that goodness inside of you I was just talking about is your energy. And just like waves in water, these energetic waves influence each other. So as abundantly as you share your energy with others, which I am all for, you need to also understand that you need to keep your energy safe so as to not spoil it.

It's sad to say, but the main culprit you need to be wary of are other people who are energy drains. Interacting with them can dim your spark and contaminate your energy. It’s important to be aware of who these people are and, when interfacing with them, guard yourself from their pollution. 

I heard advice recently that stated “Don’t pull people further than they want to go.” And it’s really hard. There might be someone you really care about, who you’re committed to supporting, and you want so much for them. The problem is that if they’re unwilling to change, you take on the burden. And if you fall short (which happens often when someone is resisting you every step of the way) it ends up depleting your energy and making you question your conviction.

So to extend the advice that I got - If someone wants to go to the moon, then get ready to meet them there! There does not need to be a limit to how much you can support someone. But if they’re not committed to it themselves then there’s not much you can do about it, and in trying to help them you’ll be exposing your energy to being attacked.

This is hard to navigate, but first know how much of a gift you are. Be confident in your energy, your intentions, and your authenticity. Then be selective about where you invest it because the worst thing you could do for others is allow them to turn down your shine. Guard your goodness and protect your energy, so that you have more of it for more people, more often.

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