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September 5, 2023

Nothing Is Guaranteed

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You’ve probably heard the expression “Nothing in life is guaranteed except death” before, and It’s not meant to be morbid. What it’s trying to do is change your perspective around what is certain to happen. That’s what a guarantee is - it’s that the probability of something happening is 100%. But there’s just too much going on that’s outside of our control for it ever to be the case.

While it’s true that nothing is 100% guaranteed, it is certainly within your control to make things more likely to happen. This means that the odds are not stacked against you, but rather that the likelihood of something happening is more dynamic and influenceable than you realize. 

Want to hit your sales goal? It’s more likely if you make more sales calls and have an organized follow up system.

Want to run a half marathon? It’s much more likely if you sign up and have a date set that you can train for.

Want to have a good relationship with your significant other? Its much more likely if you have routine conversations to check in on the state of your partnership.

In fact all of this highlights something very, very important. Every action we take affects the likelihood of the outcomes we get in our life. This means that our daily choices are constantly shifting the probability scales, in one way or the other, making one result more likely.

So if we really want something, we need to see things through this lens. If you want to get fit, does making this choice increase the likelihood that I’ll get in better shape? If you want more life balance, does staying up late working increase the likelihood that I’ll create more balance?

The more we can tip the probability scales in our life, the more likely we’ll get what we want and achieve at our highest level. And that’s why in every moment of every day it’s on you to be disciplined to the choices and behaviors that are in alignment with your best self.

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