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May 26, 2021

No One Has It Figured Out

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I'm just making a comment, take it or leave it. The reason being is I feel like it’s so easy for us to make excuses in our life and justify why we don’t go for what we want. Some of it is worthiness, that’s another topic, but I think there’s a huge element of lacking self-belief that holds us back. As a culture we’ve been trained to be so averse to making mistakes that we wait until we feel ready and completely capable. Well I have some news for you… No one has it figured out, and people who are "succeeding" feel the same way, they’re just taking action anyway.

Remember when you were a kid and you met a 25 year old who was an adult with a job and had their life together? Then when you turned 25 you realize how unsure of a time that really is? Who you used to look up to as the “adult” is truly a work in progress, and that’s a trend that will carry much further into adulthood.

In the instances when you feel like you don’t have it figured out, do you know what’s the best way to learning it? Go out and do it. Experience it, taste it, better familiarize yourself with it. Because then the next time around you’ll have it a little more figured out, you’ll feel a little more confident, and you’ll slowly start attaining that original standard you wanted to meet to get started.

Myself included, I feel like we’re so comfortable waiting for things to be easy before doing them. But things don’t just become easy, they require specific experience so that you can use the lessons you’ve earned to inform how to think, act, and behave. And don’t overthink it - Everyone was confused, unsure, and taking a chance on themselves at some point in their journey. But they decided to go for it anyway, and the sooner you take that scary step forward, no matter the result, you’ll advance in your journey too.

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