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July 16, 2018

Mindfulness with Phil Boissiere

Listen Now:

Let listen to this Ted Talk snippet from Phil Boissiere and a technique he developed to simplify how we practice mindfulness.

"Mindfulness. It has really become the buzz word in recent times. There is an abundant amount of research illustrating the positive affect that mindfulness practice has on the quality of life, improved focus, and decreased stress. Unfortunately, most of us tend to pump the brakes when we think about sequestering even a small amount of time to practice mindfulness. I paired one of the most basic breathing techniques alongside one of the most basic mindfulness techniques, thus, the three-by-three method was born. The three-by-three method is extremely simple. All you are going to do is identify one physical object in the environment, name it, and take one deep breath, and repeat it three times".

Next time you feel stress or want to re-center your emotions, try the three-by-three method to practice mindfulness.

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