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February 24, 2022

"Many people have a hand in our success."

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I wanted to feature a quote from former first Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, to share a dose of positivity rooted in an overlooked truth. “Many people have a hand in our success.”

There are so many factors that go into success, the majority of which go unseen, unnoticed, and underappreciated. We know that good results and outcomes don’t produce themselves, but we also don’t give credit or know to give credit to some of the most important pieces. Ye, a lot of that is your hard work, some of it is good fortune, but what’s equally important to acknowledge is that your success has been supported by the contributions and sacrifices of so many others.

I think many people fail to realize the role certain people have played in our development. There are the obvious contributors - Family and friends who provided for you as a child, mentors and colleagues who you work directly with... But then there’s also the enemies and adversaries who rerouted you in ways that you didn’t know you needed. People have played a role in every move you’ve made and opportunity you’ve pursued, and it would be a disservice not to recognize that.

The most beautiful part about it is that’s exactly how it’s meant to be! We exist as individuals but we were born to create and collaborate. Our ideas and dreams are strengthened by the perspective and touch of others. Just like someone else’s hand was created to hold up your sail against the wind, yours was created to help them on the boat. And vice versa, you’ve undoubtedly had a hand in someone else’s success without realizing it or without needing to go out of your way to provide it. It warms my heart to remember this, that we live to serve each other, and it all facilitates the flow of value.

To wrap up this thought I’d like you to reflect on this prompt - Who played a more influential role in your life than you realize?

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