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November 2, 2023

"Life is dynamic, don't be afraid to change it up."

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As the season changes I was thinking about how dynamic and ever changing everything is. With a background in the sciences, it reminded me of some of the things that I learned that I’m going to dust off and apply here.

You’ve probably heard about the concept of ‘equilibrium’. This is when things settle at a certain level, which is the natural state of the system. What’s fascinating though is how active equilibrium is - it’s not something that is reached and stays that way, it’s actively maintained.

In chemistry, when something like a chemical reaction has reached equilibrium, it means that it has reached its overall balance. This means that the number of reactants becoming products is just about equal to the number of products undoing themselves to become reactants again. That’s why viewing equilibrium so statically neglects what is actually happening. At equilibrium, a chemical reaction continues on forever back and forth, undoing and redoing the reaction in a very active and dynamic way.

This is just like the concept of balance. Balance is not a permanent static position. Balance is a dynamic position where opposite forces offset each other to maintain balance. This applies for balancing physically on a bike and balancing priorities in your schedule.

The reality is everything around us rests in a constant state of motion, balance and equilibrium. Many people are afraid to incorporate changes because it will offset the balance. Or further, people fear that making adjustments to their current state will lead to settling into a new equilibrium where they’re even worse off.

But if there’s something you don’t like about your current balance, and you’ve grown to tolerate it, you’re choosing to be a victim to your circumstances. Instead what you can do is take ownership of your equilibrium, change the design of how things work, and observe where that leads you (knowing that you can just undo it or do something else whenever you want).

“Life is dynamic, don’t be afraid to change it up.” Our balance is constantly being negotiated anyway, so might as well take control of it so that you get to shape what it looks like. 

I’m Brian Ford, and to shift your equilibrium and design your life in a way that is proven to work for hundreds of people, the Super Habits System 21 Day Challenge does exactly that.

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