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October 4, 2022

Life Can Be Easy

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Before I jump into today’s topic I want you to be self-reflective for a moment. When you read the title for this article, and quickly thought about life being easy, how did it make you feel? Did you immediately disagree with it? Are you curious to explore what it could possibly mean? Or do you fully agree right off the bat? Think on that for a second and determine what it was for you.

The reason I ask is because whatever gut-reaction response you had is significant. It’s your subconscious belief system quickly interacting with the concept to help you figure out what this idea means to you. Now pair this knowledge with your conclusion. If you felt dismissive and resistant to it, that represents your belief that life is not easy. If you felt affirmed by the statement, then that suggests you have a belief that life is meant to be easy.

I’ve found that many people are making life harder than it needs to be simply because they unconsciously believe life is meant to be hard. Your mind is always searching for evidence that confirms its own beliefs. So if you think life is hard, then you’’ll find reasons that prove it to be true.  It’s a lens you put on top of your life.

A way to further audit if you’re in this belief set is in thinking about how things are for you in life right now. Do you first come up with examples of the stresses and challenges in your life? Or do you feel grateful and inspired for life? Again this is unconscious, of course no one would choose to make their life harder than it needs to be, but it happens.

Life can be easy! It really can, and it works in the same way as I described. If you have the belief that life is easy, you’ll find reasons that prove it to be true. That momentum will grow and encourage you to push the boundary and do even more. 

It reminds me of Charlie Rocket’s life mantra “I’m on a winning streak!” which is one of my personal morning affirmations. And it also holds the key to shifting your beliefs. The more you tell yourself life is easy, the more you’ll start to believe it, and the more life will be perceived in that way. One of the ways you can rewire your subconscious mind and belief system is through frequent repetition. So start saying it to yourself “Life is easy”, and start seeing it become more and more true.

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