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January 21, 2019

Learn From Your Mistakes with Jeremy Ryan Slate

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We are all perfectly imperfect.  It’s human nature and it’s part of life.  I think a huge factor that separates to “good” from the “great” is how we manage those imperfections. Let’s listen to Jeremy Ryan Slate, the hugely popular podcast “Create Your Own Life”, and hear his thoughts on this.

Slate says, " Are you going to make mistakes in business? Absolutely! Because I will tell you why. I do not care how many years you have been in business, there is going to be something you are doing in your business that it is the first time you have ever done it. And it could be in life. Like, it could be the first time you ever asked a girl out. First time you have ever had a kid. There is always going to be the first time you ever do something, so it is not going to be perfect. I think that the real success or the real winning at something is how quickly can you learn for that mistake and create a solution that actually works and actually solves the problem, and does not create that same problem again. So, I think the real idea here is how quickly can you learn from your mistakes because they are absolutely going to happen".

So, learn from your mistakes. It’s not about the mistake you make, but rather the way that you go about correcting that mistake. The first step to correcting a mistake is to act quickly by accepting that the mistake was made. Instead of holding onto our previous position and wasting precious time to protect our ego, we can move onto the more actionable component of it, which is correcting it. Once you’ve made it there, be sure that the lesson is learned by reflecting on the experience a number of times, ensuring the same mistake won’t happen again.

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