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August 1, 2019

Juana's Story - Overcoming Mexican Poverty

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This story is empowering, inspiring, and unbelievably impressive. I had the privilege of meeting Juana, a 17 year old girl in Maneadero Mexico. I went to Mexico as part of a house build project through Baja Bound and The Greatness Foundation, and was wholly moved by the experience.  

During my time there I learned that Juana was born into poverty with no access to clean water, no electricity, and living on the dirt. Another group came through and donated their time to build her family a house. Through a related organization, she also was given a scholarship to study in a local school. Juana’s dad disapproved of her desire to pursue education and refused to let her go, but her mom stood up for her and insisted. Sexism, unfortunately, is still most definitely present in our world.

Both of Juana’s parents worked in the field to provide for the family, so at 7 years old, Juana went to school with her baby brother strapped to her chest so she could take care of him and study. She continued providing for her family beyond her years through today. Now, at 17, she wants to study psychology and help other girls in her village to understand that their dreams can become a reality. She wants to serve the community she was born into and fight against the injustices. Her maturity and poise for her age was unbelievably impressive and her mission even more so.  

This message carries many tips. The message that stand out is we are capable of more than we know, we must continue to be cognizant of oppression, and perspective is one hell of a motivator.

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