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January 26, 2022

It's Okay To Want A Lot

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One thing that I guarantee will make your life better is being more grateful. In fact implementing a gratitude practice is my first recommendation for anyone looking to change their life. But what’s interesting is there are two sides to gratitude, the first we’re more familiar with is how it affects us in the present, and the second is how it affects our future.

In case you needed to hear it - It is entirely possible and perfectly acceptable to be grateful for what you have and still want more. If you’re like me, maybe you carry around a guilt that you aren’t truly grateful for what you have because you place so much value on what you don’t have. What I’ve come to find is that these two elements are not connected, and the self-criticism we carry often inhibits us from pursuing the things we want as whole heartedly as we’d like.

Yes everyone’s circumstances and means are different.  But knowing that you have access to the internet right now, you benefit from some sort of privilege. But everyone in the world is worthy of aspiring for more. That's not reserved for the privileged, it’s accessible to everyone, so why reject that within yourself?  I’d argue that your privilege allows you to dream bigger, and you should, because then you can create more value for others and help pull them up.

I’d like you to reflect on this question - How much are you allowing yourself to dream?

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