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March 2, 2023

“It’s never too late to be the person you could have been."

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I hope this positivity quote provides you with hope, belief, and expectancy so that, as Jason Mraz puts it, “the best of your todays are the worst of your tomorrows.”

We have a tendency to have a bleak outlook on life - To rule things out before they even start, or count all of the reasons why something won’t work out instead of focus on the reasons why it might. One of those lines of thought might tell you that you’re too late, you missed your opportunity, and it’s all your fault. 

That’s where I’d like to inject this George Eliot quote - "It's never too late to be the person you could have been."

The inspiring, motivating, and real truth to is that no matter what you do you’ll never be the person you know you could have been. That person is an elusive holograph that you’ll never become and frankly, you were never meant to become. 

Relating this to what Matthew McConaughey said in his Oscar Acceptance Speech, his hero is always himself in 10 years, a moving target that he’ll never reach. But if you were to pursue that ideal imagine who you become along the way! 

Now back to the quote - Do you know why it's never too late to be the person you could have been? Because it doesn’t matter if you started chasing that version of yourself 10 years ago or 10 minutes ago, it plays the same role in your life. 

You haven’t missed your opportunity to let that influence pull you into becoming a better version of yourself. The difference though is now you have different experiences, beliefs, and worldviews that affect how willing you are to answer the call.

And here it comes a-ringing. The best version of yourself is on the other side of becoming more consistent, accountable, organized, and intentional about your growth. If you want to taste what that’s like, and get a glimpse of what you’re capable of achieving and who you’re capable of becoming, then register for the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge. The next group starts on Monday and while there’s an unbelievable amount of growth opportunity in stepping up to this challenge, it’s not that challenging. All it takes is for you to stay consistent with two keystone habits, that I will walk you through slowly, which take 5 minutes a day to do, for 21 days. 

If you want to show up with more enthusiasm and quality for the work, people, and moments that matter most to you, register for the challenge now so you can generate unstoppable momentum in your life that carries you to being your very best, in 21 days!

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