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March 18, 2021

"It must be nice..."

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You probably hear this expression every so often, but today I wanted to give it a new perspective. It’s the thought, “It must be nice…”

It’s the “Oh they have a maid… that must be nice….” or “Oh they got to fly first class… It must be nice…”

It’s said off-handedly and in kind of a sarcastic tone, but what it actually means is there is some hint of jealousy or envy about not having what other people have. Comparison is the root of many evils, and the ego is constantly trying to position itself and us relative to others. 

We know better than that. We have more control than that, and let’s change the perspective on this often derogatory thought. This is where positivity and particularly gratitude comes in. The things that you take for granted are the things other people in the world are jealous and envious about. “Oh they have a house to clean? It must be nice…” and “Oh they can afford to travel? It must be nice.” 

Instead of throwing this term at the aspirational version of yourself, reflect it into the present and give credit to the incredible things around you. Everything that happens can be spun however you want it to. Will you default to the comparative ego that is never satisfied, or will you revert to gratitude as the leading interpretation. Wherever you position yourself, no matter how big you become or important you’re perceived to be, there will always be people above you and people below you. So there will always be relativity and comparison. Choose to see the positive side of that fact, and choose to say “you know what it really is nice”.

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