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November 17, 2023


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Something I’ve noticed that I want more in my life is intensity. But I also think that living an intense life is a bit misunderstood. It’s not being high strung, on-edge, and dominating in an environment. It’s more a matter of having more pointed focus in what I do, creating more presence and quality.

I want to listen more intensely in conversations. I want to meditate and reflect more intensely. I want to experience life’s moments more intensely. I want to work more intensely.

There are two definitions for intense: The first is “of extreme force, degree, or strength”, which is more along the lines of what I desire. But this gets mixed up with the second definition, which is “having or showing strong feelings or opinions; extremely earnest or serious”. 

Even when I say the word ‘intense’ it has a certain feel to it.

To me, intensity is a unique way to combine the concepts of passion, enthusiasm, focus, and determination. It’s to turn things up a notch beyond what’s normal or expected. Other people feel when you’re so locked in that it influences them to lock in and meet you there. In that way, it means that you determine the pace for how things go rather than letting your environment determine it for you.

Now what am I doing to shift this for myself?

In conversations I’m trying to put my phone away and practice active listening more often. In my meditation I’m holding myself to a higher standard and setting an intention to be extra present before I begin. In life I’m challenging myself to treat the everyday things that happen as “the best things ever”, hunting in every line of a book for a deeper lesson, and thinking more about every choice I’m making in my diet.

I desire more intensity because I desire more quality. I don’t want to plateau at a level of fulfillment and life experience that is less than I feel like it can be, and leave so much of life’s richness on the table. If you feel like you’ve been going through the motions lately, or have been so busy that your day to day quality has been deprioritized just to get through, you don’t need to settle for 'okay'. 

We can get started working together and in just 21 days your days will become unrecognizable, bringing a new level of energy, focus, and purpose to everything you do in your life. All you need to do is install the Super Habits System, the single daily process that holds you to a higher standard.

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