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December 8, 2022

"I'm feeling encouraged."

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Something that having a positive mindset really does for us is it helps us to be optimistic. But there's a difference between the two - Positivity is presently seeing things in a good way, and optimism is seeing that things will be good in the near and far future. Often times present positivity shapes your perspective to be more optimistic.

The reason I mention it is because I want to relate positivity and optimism back to feeling encouraged. We often see encouragement as coming from someone else but the real magic is how it translates to create change in your life. When you’re feeling encouraged it means that you’re more willing to go for it, take risks, and put yourself out there. You’re listening to the positive voice in your head telling you that you can rather than the cynical voice saying you can’t. It’s literally in the word itself - you are acting "in courage".

Utilizing encouragement requires action both in creating results in your life and feeling that way in the first place. You know the relationship that exists between actions and results - If you want to live a more inspired and positive life you need to do the things that create it.

The problem is, many people wait to feel a certain way to take action. They wait to feel motivated, inspired, or encouraged before actually bringing themselves into the activity itself. But that’s an unfair expectation that will leave you falling short of what you want. Mood follows action, not the other way around, so if you want to feel more encouraged you need to take encouraging action first and allow that to shift your feelings.

So here’s something practical you can do. If you’re struggling to take action and procrastinating or delaying, say this to yourself - “I’m feeling encouraged”. Or ask yourself the question "What would I do right now if I felt really encouraged?" You’d be surprised how influenceable your mind is and how tricking it in a small way will help you to start getting into action, which will change the way you feel.

Speaking for myself, I want to feel more alive, inspired, and passionate more often. It helps me feel like I’m bringing my best to every moment and fills my life with more significance and meaning. Hopefully this perspective encourages you to feel more encouraged about your ability to create the life of your dreams.

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