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July 7, 2019

I Have To vs. I Get To

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Our minds are powerful beyond measure if only we could tap into it. Well, the reality is, we can mold our minds more than we would expect. The separation between conscious and negative thought seems large to us because we can only access one and not the other. Our conscious mind strongly influences our subconscious mind, and we can control what we consciously think.

Instead of saying “I have to”, say “I get to”.  It’s only a one word switch but it is massively impact. Here’s why!

If you have to do something then the motivation is external, and you behave as a response to that thing you are told to do. With that approach, your subconscious mind views this more as a pull away from what you’d rather be doing, and this all occurs based on how the phrase is positioned.

But, if you ‘get’ to do something, then the choice is yours to engage in the behavior, and you approach it with more autonomy. From that angle, you become more intrinsically motivated to follow through and your subconscious mind prepares itself for deliberate and positive action.  

Doesn’t that sound different?

The core difference in this positioning is that you become much more grateful for whatever needs to get done.  Here’s an example: Waiting on a long line at the grocery store. Either you have to or you get to, because you can afford food. It’s a privilege. Take that position in your life and you will find abundance and fulfillment.

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