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December 5, 2022

I Am In Control Of The Way I Feel

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For years now I’ve been in the routine of taking cold showers to build resilience and discipline. But recently I’ve noticed that the decision hasn’t been inspiring me, that it’s something I’ve been resisting and avoiding, so I decided to revamp my habit so that I’m more excited about it.

You see, the things that we choose to do that are in our best interest, we should deep down feel like we want to do them. Even if it’s hard or uncomfortable, if there’s not a part of the activity that you can look forward to you won’t feel rewarded by doing it and therefore, fail to be consistent with it.

So for me and my cold shower routine, I made one simple adjustment. As I turn the shower on cold, preparing for the discomfort, I’ve been telling myself “I am in control of the way I feel”.

Now, a cold shower represents an opportunity for me to prove to myself that I can control my thoughts despite external circumstances. And I know the power of that and how that translates into other areas of my life. So instead of being resistant to the cold shower, I’m inspired and tapping into something way bigger.

I’d be remiss not to bring up Jack Canfield’s life destiny formula: E + R = O. Event + Response = Outcome. Our outcomes are not simply the result of what happened to us, but rather our perception of and response to it. 

Knowing the power in this, I have become really intentional about my response and knowing that my response is within my control. Taking a cold shower is my way of reminding myself every day and strengthening this mindset so that I can use it in other challenging circumstances.

To wrap this up, there are two things I really want you to understand. 1) If there’s something that you’re committed to doing but it doesn’t inspire you, change it up! The worst thing that could happen is you go back to how things were. Then 2) Your mindset is simply your patterned way of thinking and you can train yourself how to think.

Either way your mindset is evolving, and the direction of that growth can either be dictated by your circumstances or you. Be intentional about your growth and you’ll find that you’ll start taking off in the best of ways!

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