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April 7, 2020

How Lisa Bilyeu Overcomes Fear

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I was listening to an incredible conversation recently where Jay Shetty interviewed Lisa Bilyeu. Lisa has a long history of being placed in challenging circumstances, personal, financial, ethical, and had to find a way to move through it and move forward. Often, she is faced head on with fear, and her philosophy on it is something we all can relate to.

There will be fear when you step into uncharted territories, but you don’t always expect it, and it’s up to you to decide how you respond to it. Lisa says that if that fear is blocking what you really want, it’s not a decision about if you should overcome the fear, it’s a matter of how. She, then, thinks through the worst case scenario, which is the force behind the fear, and rationalizes how the discomfort and possibility of failure can not more be influential than what she wants to achieve.

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