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May 28, 2018

"How Do I Feel" Checks

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At the end of your day, do you ever feel like a big ball of stress?  No shame in that, because life can be pretty stressful sometimes.  But can you accurately pinpoint what causes the majority of your stress in the day?

Something that helps me evaluate my day and my current state is to perform “How Do I Feel” checks.  

The behavior is simple. Take 30 seconds at various points in your day to close your eyes and focus on your mental and physical state.  I ask myself questions like: “How is my mood”, "How anxious do I feel” and “Am I in pain?”.  I also have my moment of reflection when I get in the car before turning on the ignition.

This is helpful because if you feel stressed at the end of your day, but you can’t quite figure out what causes it, this check will help you hone in on exactly what is aggravating you. By doing that you can begin working on alleviating that situation proactively.  A good frame of mind is a requirement for a productive efficient, and fulfilling day.

So find a trigger that works for you to start doing “How Do I Feel” checks. Then, in those moments start asking yourself questions about your current state.  I’ll let you figure it out for yourself how effective these checks can be!

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