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December 2, 2022

Home In On What Works For You

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We are inundated with advice. New things to try, ways to do things differently, stories, lessons, case studies - there’s a lot out there. And to further complicate it, a lot of this advice isn’t that good (whether that be because the source isn’t quality or the approach isn’t particularly relevant to your life.)

A lot of people get caught up in the race of more. Read more books, listen to more podcasts, take more courses… But information isn’t the limiting factor these days. The limiting factor is applying what you know so that it starts changing your life.

I was very stuck in this for a while and I realized it was for the wrong reasons. I was learning just to feel good about how much I was doing. To convince myself that I was really committing to my growth and development. I was motivated by the wrong things, and having become aware of that I’ve really been able to home in on what actually serves me and helps me move the needle.

The things that started to work for me was to revisit and study fewer materials. I have a small handful of podcasts I keep up with, a few leaders in the space that I follow much more closely, and processes that I am actively fine-tuning. This helps to provide more consistency in the message so that it can more effectively encode, be recalled, and used. It also provides more focus around the tactics so that they are set up to perform.

It must say, this will always be a balance. I don’t want to be blind to new ideas and perspectives. It’s dangerous and limiting to be isolated in echo chambers, so pursuing more knowledge will always be a pillar to my life. But instead of that pursuit of more always being the focus, I’m spending much more time mastering the concepts that I feel most aligned with.

So when you encounter something that stands out to you, dive into it so that you really understand it. When you try something that’s starting to work for you, double-down on it. Everyone has their own speed and frequency, and the sooner you can tune into yours the more fluid your life and growth will become!

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