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May 19, 2022

Having A Full Fridge

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I had a first-world problem moment of realization that added some really important perspective to my life, and I wanted to share it with you. Have you ever gotten frustrated about not having enough space in the fridge or the pantry to fit all your food? What happens is you need to take everything out, put it on the counter, and strategize how to make all the puzzle pieces fit one by one. It can take 10, 15, 20 minutes to organize and sure, it’s a little inconvenient. But here’s the perspective shift.

How blessed are you to have so much food that you can’t fit it all? When you put it that way, it’s such a good problem to have because it certainly defeats the alternative of not having enough food.

While we’re on the topic, something else I think about is how magical a grocery store is. There are people in this world that wouldn’t dream of seeing so much food in one place, available for you to pick exactly what you want and take it with you. We live this every day, we take that kind of access for granted and we’ve grown accustomed to the incredible privileges we have that we don’t appreciate them as much as we should.

And this is 100% myself included, which is why I wanted to bring it up. The more mindful we can be about the things we have in our life, and the more often we can be grateful for it, the better our personal experience becomes and the more inspired we’ll be to share what we have with others in need.

To wrap this up let me ask you a question - Can you relate with this? Have you ever been frustrated by having too much food to fit in your fridge?

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