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July 29, 2018


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So, I want to share a bit about a tip we take for granted.  In the United States, we have this little holiday called Thanksgiving, where everyone takes a moment to reflect what they are grateful for. As great of an occasion that is, once a year is not enough, gratitude should be a central component to every day.  

Practice Gratitude.  I was fortunate enough to learn about the power of gratitude from a pioneering gratitude researcher at UC Davis named Dr. Robert Emmons.  The studies conducted by Dr. Emmons found that being grateful has many benefits. Physically, it will strengthen your immune system, psychologically it will elevate your mood, and socially it will make your more generous and outgoing.  

A few techniques you can use to be more grateful today include keeping a gratitude journal, or keeping your change in a gratitude jar that you then give to a person in need when the jar is filled. The way I incorporate gratitude in my day, is every morning when I wake up and I step off my bed, I have the expression “feet hit the floor, 3 things I am grateful for”.  I then take a minute to reflect on a few blessings in my life.  

It doesn’t matter which way it comes, but what does matter is that it is part of your life

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