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March 24, 2022

"Don't worry about a thing, every little thing gonna be alright."

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Something I love doing is dissecting song lyrics to pull out the true meaning embedded in the words. I’m taking inspiration from Bob Marley, an iconic voice for peace in the world. One of the most famous lines he ever wrote comes from a song called “3 Little Birds” - “Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing gonna be alright.”

What Marley knew that we don’t is the power of faith. Every day we encounter obstacles, challenges, struggles, opposition, you name it. But Marley saw the bigger picture. Through suffering, death, and despair, he knew that at the end of the day it was all going to be okay. “Every little thing gonna be alright.” And if that’s always the end result then it’s wasted energy to worry about anything because you’re doing so unnecessarily.

But diving deeper into his word choice, even more lessons are illuminated. He says “every little thing”. This is a commentary on what takes away the peace of the average person. There are a lot of issues in the world, but the far majority of us listening to this are safe and relatively taken care of. What takes away our personal peace are the little inconveniences of the day - Your car breaks down, you misplace your wallet, you make some silly mistake. Every little thing like that that adds stress to your life is gonna be alright. When it’s all said and done, you’ll get through it all. Every single one. You will be okay. And again if that's what happens, it’s not worth worrying about. Don’t let the little things consume you.

Little things will go wrong and likely they’ll go wrong every day, that’s just how this imperfect world works. Our perception of these imperfections is what makes all the difference and creates our personal reality. So with full faith and a fresh perspective, sing it with me - Every little thing gonna be alright. And to make this true for you I’d like you to reflect on this question - What things do you worry about more than you should?

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