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February 16, 2022

Getting Through The Day

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Sometimes days are daunting and feel like they never end, where there might be some long, difficult, or mundane task that you need to complete. It’s typical for someone to say “I just need to get through the day” as a way of creating the mindset they need to get themselves to do it. The intention is to 'tough it out' and 'do what it takes' to get it done. But instead of approaching everything from that negative lens I think there’s a more empowering perspective you can use, and you don’t even need to change the words you’re saying.

Think of getting through the day as receiving through the day. Whatever it is that’s long, difficult, or mundane can actually be a great resource for you that has something to offer. Don’t just count the days and get through the things that are in front of you, make the days count by extracting value from everything you’re experiencing. It’s a mindset shift and a choice for you to engage deeper in what you’re doing rather than letting it pass you by.

The mind has an amazing way of finding whatever it’s looking for, the amazing poet In-Q has a quote "You will always find the evidence for what you choose to believe.” So if you choose to look for the opportunity and growth in your difficult days, you’re going to find it. As with anything in life YOU are the greatest vehicle for change, and this mindset shift will help you to find the richness in life where you might not already be seeing it.

Let me finish by asking you this - When are you just passing time, and when are you receiving value throughout the day?

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