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November 9, 2020

Facilitate the Flow of Value

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As I see it, everything in life is meant to operate as a cycle that can sustain and replenish itself through natural processes. There is truly more than enough to go around, but it’s a matter of how it goes around that provides for all who need it. Inherent to a cycle is the flow, which is how things actually move within the cycle. The force, volume, and rate of change all contribute to this flow. If you become intentional about facilitating the flow, the cycle can be more effective and return more of what it’s meant to create more often.

Think of the flow of money. If you readily pay others to help you, and you pay for things that you need, then you allow the cycle to return money to you and people will find value in your work and compensate you for it. Or think about karma, a good deed done returns to you. The universe has an amazing way of achieving an equilibrium, which means that when you offset that equilibrium it will construct ways to re-establish it. 

It’s all a process that is built on the give and take of contrasts, like night and day, masculine and feminine, and it’s so important to mobilize the value so that everyone can benefit from it. The alternative is to have little flow, which means that the value is not readily accessible. It’s stuck in containers, people can’t tap into it, and it becomes perceived as scarce and finite. But you can be intentional about facilitating the flow by serving first, spreading love, and being generous with what you have, with full faith that it will return to you exactly as you need it.

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