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October 29, 2018

Don't Be Passive Aggressive

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Most communication is non-verbal. Between body language, intonation, and other non-verbal factors, our word choice can assume a variety of different meanings based on different situations.  That’s why it is important we are finely tuned to what we are communicating. The alternative though, is people can get away with subtly communicating dissatisfaction, and use that as an outlet to get something off of their chest.

Well, let’s avoid that and not be passive aggressive. There are better ways to handle certain situations than playing it off in a passive aggressive way.

The first thing you can do is to be up front and honest about the way that you feel. A lot of the time people revert to being passive aggressive because it reduces confrontation, but the issue will persist if a mutual resolution is not met, and it can only be met through honest communication. Another thing to try is a classic playground tip, which is to hold your tongue. Give yourself some time to process the emotion, and if you still feel the same way the next day and feel it is necessary to address the problem, then now you can do so in a more dissociated way.

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