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October 13, 2023

Daily Glimmers

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One of our evolutionarily hardwired mindsets is negativity bias.

We are literally optimized to see all of the things that are wrong, generate fear, or aren’t working out because bringing those things to our awareness was a mechanism for keeping us safe. As civilization has advanced, this bias is often out of place and keeps us from enjoying things as fully as we otherwise could. 

That’s why today I want you to be aware of your daily glimmers. You’ve heard the expression about having “a glimmer of hope”, right? Throughout the day we experience little shining moments that remind us how many things in our lives are going right. 

But, because of negativity bias, we aren’t primed to see them…

A glimmer can be something as simple as a sensory experience, like the waft of some cookies from a bakery. It can be a moment of connection where you got a text out of the blue or had a friendly interaction with a stranger. It could be a mention at work acknowledging a job well done. 

If we can try to be extra perceptive of these glimmers in the moment while they’re happening, it will completely shift our mood. The recognition of a small win brings a micro moment of accomplishment, creating a rush of positive neurotransmitters that shift your physiology. This also could induce some momentary gratitude that adds to the experience. 

Now here’s the tough part. Even though these moments are happening all day everyday, we don’t benefit from all of its potential because we don’t naturally perceive it.

The best way to bring something into your awareness is to choose to be more aware of it. Every time you pay attention to your glimmers, you’re training your subconscious mind to look for more. You’re priming yourself for it and slowly but surely, the process will become more natural.

Now with all of this in mind, how would you get started? My recommendation is to intentionally reflect on the “glimmers” of your day every evening before bed. And that daily conscious action will impact the unconscious pattern your mind uses throughout the day.

If you have a hard time being consistent with new routines and habits like this, that you know are best for you but for whatever reason you can’t bring yourself to doing, that’s exactly what I’ve created the Super Habits System for. It’s the single process you can use to build the structure you need to reach elite levels of daily performance and consistency.

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