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December 23, 2021

"Create your own buzz and bees will follow."

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I came across a quote that I thought was kind of cute and I wanted to share it with you. “Create your own buzz and the bees will follow.” It might sound backwards logically, the bees create the buzz, but I’m challenging you to see it another way.

The bottom line is, enthusiasm and having a vibrancy for life is contagious. When someone gives off a really warm vibe, people will gravitate toward it because they want more of it in their life. In this way the buzz brings the bees.

But this doesn’t only apply for being high-energy and enthusiastic - You are always putting your buzz out into the world that resonates at its own cadence, and attracts people with that need. Maybe if you’re more naturally introverted and a listener, you’ll attract people who have something personal to share. Or if you’re a deep thinker, then you’ll attract people who like pondering life’s great questions. Whatever your buzz is, when you put it out in the world it will bring the bees that are most responsive to it.

Let’s get more direct about this in an example: Let’s say you want to attract your soul mate. Your role is to be the type of person that ideal partner would be attracted to. Through your actions and choices, you create the buzz that gets the attention and interest of the queen bee.

The larger point here is - if you want or need something, embody what it’s like to have that thing and it will deliver itself to you. Everything you’re looking for is out there and waiting for you. You just need to put your buzz out there too.

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