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December 19, 2022

Consistency Vs Frequency

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Let’s make an important distinction between consistency and frequency. While they might seem like redundant terms, I believe there is something critically different about them that needs to be highlighted.

First let’s talk about consistency. Being consistent is about reliably doing something in fixed intervals. Succeeding with being consistent means you follow through on certain tasks or activities without fail over a long period of time. As we know, it’s the consistent completion of core activities that generates the end results we’re looking for. Per Darren Hardy’s book “The Compound Effect”, small things compound over time to create really big things. But that process cannot be interrupted, and consistency is required to make it so.

Then there’s frequency. Frequency is about the amount that you do something. If you do something with high-frequency that means you do it every day, or multiple times in a day even. Being frequent with your behavior means you get into action often, almost repetitively.

The important difference to note - Consistency does not require frequency and frequency does not require consistency. You can be consistent with a workout routine but that does not mean you need to to it every day. You can do it once a week if that’s the timetable you’ve established you want to be consistent with. Alternatively you can frequently do  pushups as an energy management break multiple times throughout the day, but you don't to do it every day.

Another example, you can frequently make calls to the people you care most about but when you add intentionality about how much you want to be reaching out, then you can be accountable to doing that consistently.

Again, consistency does not require frequency. In fact the enemy to consistency is often frequency because we try to stay consistent with expectations that are too high. Ultimately being consistent is about identifying the amount of something that serves you and following through on that amount. Oftentimes that minimum viable amount is actually less than you thought you needed.

Another way of putting it - Being intentional with your consistency allows you to strike the right balance in your life. It's the right amount of days to commit to exercising, or the balance between hours spent on work, with loved ones, and in your passions. Striking the balance that best meets your needs allows you to achieve holistic life harmony so that your responsibilities don’t exist in conflict with each other, but rather they are strengthened by your consistency in all areas of your life.

The best way I know to hone in this balance and get consistent on the fundamentals is to implement your own self improvement operating system. It's the mechanism that makes it all go. Not only can I walk you through exactly how that something like that will work for you, but also I’ll teach you how to be more self-disciplined so that you can really be consistent on doing the things that are most important to you. If you want to start maximizing your potential and leveraging consistency in 2023, I encourage you to register for the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge where I guarantee in just 21 days you’ll build the foundation for a high-performing, high-achieving, and balanced life.

Lets make 2023 the year where you really start becoming everything you’re capable of being. And I promise you, the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge is your start. Learn more about the 21 day challenge that will kickstart your next level of growth right now!

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