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May 10, 2021

Connecting To Purpose

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As you may know by now, I am very purpose-driven. I’m in a fortunate position where I can put my efforts into things that I really believe in. As one speck on one planet in one of billions of galaxies, I am very aware that there is something larger going on than what exists within myself, and in order to tap into that I turn to purpose.

Purpose is that heartwarming feeling you get when you hold a child or nephew who depends on you. It’s the rush you get when you connect the dots on something that will impact a lot of people. It’s the buzz you feel when you see someone’s smile after having helped them with something. It's no accident, we experience these positive sensations because we are evolutionarily designed to be rewarded by connecting with purpose.

The amazing part about discovering your purpose is it is unique to every single person. Everyone finds meaning on their own given their own life history, the situations they’ve encountered, and the lessons they’ve learned. However it is often difficult to communicate about purpose because it is so visceral, and as a result it’s not something we share about as often as we should.

Well that’s where I think things need to change. In order to connect to purpose, we need to connect with other people navigating their own purpose journey. Learning about their experience helps us relate to our own. Visit www.forpurpose.com to surround yourself with change-makers all dedicated to making the world a better place!

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