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January 17, 2022

Chew Your Food

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Our days are so fast-paced and rushed that sometimes we do things with unexpected consequences. For example we eat way too fast for our body to optimally process it, we shovel food into our mouths and go about our day, and eating too fast can cause digestive issues.

Digestion doesn’t just happen when your stomach is gurgling and rumbling… It happens way before that, even when you see food. Your saliva has enzymes that help breakdown starches so that they’re more manageable for your gut. What I want to talk more about today is mastication, or better known as chewing. If we don’t take the time to chew enough then the bits of food that arrive in our stomach can be too big to be broken down properly. This makes the digestion process more energy intensive and harder to extract nutrients. So slow down and start chewing your food.

The recommendation is that you chew 30 times before swallowing. I’ve been doing trying it on certain meals and it’s a lot. I don’t focus on it every meal, and I don’t expect you to commit to it either, but with this new knowledge maybe you will start to be more intentional about your eating habits so that you can fuel your mind and body as best as possible.

So let’s finish by reflecting on that habit - Do you feel like you could chew your food more?

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