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February 14, 2022

Change Your Energy First

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I’ve been exploring this idea for a while but my understanding of it was really solidified after being on a call with Dr. Jade Teta. As a doctor and expert in physical conditioning and spirituality, he provided a really unique vantage point into how to change your life. Something in particular that he said really stuck out to me - “Before you see it physically you need to feel it energetically.”

What does that even mean? Well the spiritual approach argues that our physical existence has a cause and effect relationship with our metaphysical existence. That which changes in our metaphysical world will influence things to adjust in our physical world. This is difficult to believe because we seldom see the evidence of our metaphysical world. We’re designed to perceive things in our physical world. But that’s where our energy comes from, and that needs to go first if you want things to change in your life.

A more common way of relating with this idea is by calling it your personal thermostat. No matter how you will things to change around you in your physical environment, it will always gravitate toward the temperature you have set by nature - Your thermostat. Your thermostat is your energetic equilibrium, that set point that your life always returns to. You know how people like me talk about attracting things into your life? This is exactly it, the frequency you put out is a magnet that pulls everything in your physical life to match it. So if you want to change your perceivable physical life, you need to adjust your thermostat, or the baseline energy you’re putting out into the world.

Let’s finish up by reflecting on this: Good, bad, and otherwise - What are you attracting into your life?

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